Venue hire & catering

Tray of 10 Sandwiches

chicken - w/avocado, spinach, and pesto

houmous - w/sun-dried tomato​​​​ and rocket

brie- w/grape, rocket and chutney

smoked salmon - w/cream cheese, capers and rocket


Salad for 10

(persian rice / pesto pasta)


Soup for 10

(pea and mint / carrot and coriander)


Large savoury tart

(leek, mushroom and walnut / roasted veg, feta and herb)


Small savoury tarts

(leek, mushroom and walnut / roasted veg, feta and herb)

£3 (minimum order 8)

Pastry rolls

(pork and apple / oak smoked cheddar and caramelised red onion)

£2 (minimum order 8)

Tray chocolate brownies

(plain / salted caramel / raspberry) GF


Tray flapjack

(plain / cranberry and pumpkin seed)



(blueberry and lime / raspberry and vanilla)


Cherry Bakewell



Almond cakes 

(blueberry / raspberry)



Catering orders require a few days notice

​​Our space is available to hire for private events, workshops, artist talks and whatever else you can think of! 

Please get in touch via our contact page to discuss your needs - we are sure we can help!