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Tandem opened it's doors in April 2017 aiming to bring a bit of variety to the high street as one of the first independent gift and lifestyle stores in Meanwood.


Designers Hannah and Hatty have a particular love of interior styling and have created Tandems modern bohemian look by offering a carefully sourced eclectic mix of items.


The store includes home-wares, gifts, plants, refill station, Yorkshire made products and mid-century British and French rescued items. Locally sourced artist and makers work sit amongst the beautifully dressed shelves to offer something for everyone,


Tandem has hosted a multitude of events including supper clubs, workshops, exhibitions, live music, and charity fundraisers, a small but ever evolving space and a Meanwood hub, Tandem's delicious home baked goods and takeaway coffee bar makes it a welcoming space for everyone and their dog to enjoy.

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